revenant16 (revenant16) wrote in warcraft___rp,

The Escape

OOC: At last, more people, maybe the community will live once more!

IC: Ebonchill turned to the banshees, Izual and the Crypt Lord. The Crypt lord gathered his small amount of belongings from his hole (a Gem of True Seeing and a good old Potion of Healing) and stood ready for an Antimagic Shell.

The banshees began casting their spells, and the five creatures of darkness charged out, eager to leave the caverns before the spell's effects ran out, and passed a bewildered Death Knight en route. The banshees cast an AMS on him as they passed, and Ebonchill called out, "Get out, moron, get out!"

They were almost out when a satyr with two wicked-looking blades leapt out of an alcove.

Bad idea. He wound up with a huge torrent of magical and nonmagical attacks right to the gut. He fell and kinda couldn't get up.

They reached the exit, and Ebonchill let Izual and the Death Knight catch their breath. "You dont know how liberating it is to have no lungs..."
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