Fg_Dark_Monk (fg_dark_monk) wrote in warcraft___rp,

Arrival to the Ice

It started to get cold as Vindarten entered the Circle of Death, 100 miles to the Ice, almost as soon as he entered Vindarten felt a chill go up his spine. He knew that the Lich King Arthas had known of his arrival after before he even collected the last Dreadlords bones. The magically infused bag at his waist began to warm up, it was easy to tell Arthas was removing the enchantments he placed on it.

Suddenly Vindarten felt his powers wane and his wings begin to lose strenth. "Dame I ahve to make it to the Ice, Arthas knows I am coming if he wishes to test me there must be something there waiting for me."

Before the shimmering wings stopped functioning fully Vindarten cast a weak levatation spell to get farther away from teh edges of the Ice. "Looks like Arthas controls the magic here, I need to earn his trust to be able to do any strong magic here.

Unknown to him he was approaching his escort, the escort didn't know the job that had been placed on him as well. (Kirbymaster212 mind if your the escort?)
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