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Birth of a High Elf

Name: Vindarten Raycaller
Race: Nightelf => Highelf
Age: 19
Magical?: yes
Faction: Scourge
Good/Bad: Good (But bad from the alliance's POV)
Weapon(s): Two-Handed longsword
Skills other than fighting: Illusionist, Fire Caller
Rank: High Lord
Type of Warrior: War-Wizard
Starting Location: Some where in Tristal Glades...
Biography: Born a Night Elf, but unlike his brethren had no care for being a protector of wilds. At a young age he witnessed Cenarious being murdered and praiseed the Chaos Orcs for doing so. Soon after he saw the Chaos orcs be cleansed of their thrist for blood and war, but his still burned strong. He knew the only way to free himself from his race was to become what his brethren hated, a Blood Elf. Seeking out the prince Kael he obtained a rune that would make his dreams come true...

Vindarten had finally found what he had been looking for, the last Dreadlords bones. He learned from Kael that it took many years to turn a Night Elf to High Elf but using a rune created from a piece of the Sunwell he could do it in a matter of hours. Learning from various Libarians he found out that Arthas and the Banshee Queen had killed a few Dreadlords in their conquests. Their bones were necessary for his transformation. Vindarten had no plan for joining Kael but the information he receaved from his deceaved "Allie" was invaluable. Now that he had the bones of three Dreadlords he could go to his next destination, Icecrown.

Vindartens plan from the begining was to join the Scourge but retain his humanity. He had learned from his stolen records that Arthas, although his betraying, was a understanding person in his life and may still listen to Vindarten's case.

"Now to see if Arthas will listen to me..." Using his advanced Illusion powers Vindarten was able to create semi real objects including his mode of transportation, Wings, creating the shimmering wings Vindarten took to the air starting the long slow flight to Ice Crown.
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