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OCC:Ok Ive decided to check this out... I hope I dont screw something up by just joining in the middle... sorry if I do... so I guess I shall start now O.o;;

Name: Nubek'Norus, his "nickname" to his fellow undead Nerubians is Rag'narak (get it... its a pun... I think O.o;;)
Race: Undead Nerubian
Age: 112
Magical?: no
Faction: Bad
Weapon(s): Undead Scourge
Skills other than fighting: Leadership, Commanding
Rank: Was a King in his days as a Nerubian but has been lowered in rank in the Undead army as a general controlling a division of Crypt fiends
Type of Warrior: Cryptlord
Biography: After the slaughter of most of his people he was forced to join the Scourge along with the remains of the nerubians he ruled. His quick thinking in strategic combat and leadership proved helpful and he was quickly giving his own Crypt Fiend division to rule over...

He has not yet totally under control of the Lich King. His thoughts at times stray away from his battling and praise for the Scourge and goes back to when he was a Nerubain ruler and his people were happy. The Lich King fights for his mind every day and will soon conrtol it all.
Starting Location: An undead base near the site of the battle of Arthas and Illidan


Undead Messenger: Arthas has won the battle... the Lich King shall soon be free and rule us once again!

Undead Army at Base: *cheers*

Nubek: (in his head) Is this really for the better. Or are we on a path to slaughtering helpless living creatures again... just like the people of my homeland of-

Lich King: (telepathically in the head of Nubek'Norus) You are mine now, and you shall do what I choose for you to do...

Nubek: (still in his head) no... I cant... forget... my people... and...Nerub... *his mind goes black* (speaking outloud) Let us serve the Lich King!

(OCC: thats all I have time for now... sorry... I hope I didnt screw up)
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