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Name: Lord Darin Fleshrender
Magical?: Yes
Faction: Undead Scourge
Good/Bad: Bad (insidious...)
Weapon(s): Vampiric Runeblade
Skills: Strategy, Leadership, Diplomacy, & Horse-Riding
Rank: General
Type of Warrior: Death Knight
Biography: When Darin had risen as one of the Death Knights, he was generally disoriented and confused, but after meeting up with another Death Knight, he became resolved to serve his master, the Lich King. As Arthas led the Undead Scourge into Lordaeron, Darin was one of the few remaining few in order to protect the Lich King. Keeping his vigil, he fought at Arthas' side when Illidan and his forces came to take Icecrown and the Frozen Throne. Darin gave his life to hold off Illidan's soldiers so Arthas could get into the Throne. When he and the Lich King became one, darin was ressurected to fight for the glory of the Lich King once again. Now, he has been sent to a base in order to reinforce their numbers, alonmg with the troops he brought with him; the Lich king had ordered him to help out two other people, a Lich and a wizard.
Starting Location: In the Undead Base

It was cloudy as Darin rode his undead steed into the base, and after being questioned by the undead soldiers there, he ordered the troops with him to reinforce the guards and secure the base. After getting his report, Darin then ordered a nearby ghoul to tell him where were the Lich and the wizard in command.

"...cavern...close by here..." the ghoul said matter-of-factly.

"Thank you, now get your rotten butt over there!" Darin turned to one of the necromancers with him "I'm giving you command of this base while I go to find the two men."

"Yes sir."

Darin then took off at high speed, galloping to search for the cavern. Shortly after, or so it seemed to the Death Knight, he reached a cavern and descended into its depths.

"Hello? Izual! Ebonchill! Where in the hell are you?!" The Death Knight shouted out as he marched deeper into the cavern, bypassing traps and holding his sword out first in case of enemies.

(OOC: Hope I did alright)
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