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Wary descent

IC: As Ebonchill, Izual, and the two banshees descended, following a ways behind the shade, they felt the cavern get warmer and more humid as they went. Despite Arthas' instructions, they found no traps, which worried them. But they trusted the shade's judgment - they had to. Eventually they came to a large chamber with a big hole in the far side.

Ebonchill: What's he called again?

Izual: Arthas didn't say.

Shade: I'll go ask him.

IC: And so the slightly moronic shade floated into the hole, and asked the big spider-beetle thing he found what its name was. Using its voice to pinpoint its location, the Crypt Lord slashed it into little bits and climbed out. Savage and destructive he may have been, but he was not stupid. He saw the ex-bloodmage and the lich waiting for him, and hid back aways, content to speak with them from there.

Crypt lord: What do you want?

Ebonchill: We need your help in the battle against the orcish horde.

Crypt lord: I would love to, if I could. But there are massive amounts of traps here, and there's no way out.

Ebonchill: But we got in with no problem.

Crypt lord: They aren't to keep you out, they're to keep me in. During the Scourge's brief foray into Kalimdor a few years back, I was trapped in here by the nightelven druids and orc shamans, and they made sure I couldn't get out to cause more damage. The traps are only triggered by someone coming out, not by someone coming in, and can only be gotten around if a druid or shaman removes them from here.

OC: Your turn, Izual.
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