revenant16 (revenant16) wrote in warcraft___rp,

ready to roll

Ebonchill looked down at the entrance, thinking.

Ebonchill: Well, there's no reason for us to have to go alone...

Ebonchill grabbed a passing acolyte by the earlobe.

Ebonchill: Come here! I've got a job for you!

He threw the acolyte into the nearby Sacrificial Pit, then grabbed another by the collar.

Ebonchill: Get me a Banshee. Got that?

Acolytes look forward to death, but they know how long Banshees can torture someone before they die. As the terrified acolyte ran off to find one, a Shade came up out of the Sacrificial Pit. Just moments after Ebonchill instructed him to follow them, two Banshees came out of the Temple of the Damned.

Ebonchill: I told him one...oh well. Anyways, Izual. The shade sniffs out upcoming traps. So between your magic, my magic, the Banshee's magic, and knowledge of what's to come, we'll find that big bug in no time whatsoever. Off we go then!
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