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The Escape 
05:00pm 19/12/2004
  OOC: At last, more people, maybe the community will live once more!

IC: Ebonchill turned to the banshees, Izual and the Crypt Lord. The Crypt lord gathered his small amount of belongings from his hole (a Gem of True Seeing and a good old Potion of Healing) and stood ready for an Antimagic Shell.

The banshees began casting their spells, and the five creatures of darkness charged out, eager to leave the caverns before the spell's effects ran out, and passed a bewildered Death Knight en route. The banshees cast an AMS on him as they passed, and Ebonchill called out, "Get out, moron, get out!"

They were almost out when a satyr with two wicked-looking blades leapt out of an alcove.

Bad idea. He wound up with a huge torrent of magical and nonmagical attacks right to the gut. He fell and kinda couldn't get up.

They reached the exit, and Ebonchill let Izual and the Death Knight catch their breath. "You dont know how liberating it is to have no lungs..."
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Arrival to the Ice 
11:32pm 16/12/2004
  It started to get cold as Vindarten entered the Circle of Death, 100 miles to the Ice, almost as soon as he entered Vindarten felt a chill go up his spine. He knew that the Lich King Arthas had known of his arrival after before he even collected the last Dreadlords bones. The magically infused bag at his waist began to warm up, it was easy to tell Arthas was removing the enchantments he placed on it.

Suddenly Vindarten felt his powers wane and his wings begin to lose strenth. "Dame I ahve to make it to the Ice, Arthas knows I am coming if he wishes to test me there must be something there waiting for me."

Before the shimmering wings stopped functioning fully Vindarten cast a weak levatation spell to get farther away from teh edges of the Ice. "Looks like Arthas controls the magic here, I need to earn his trust to be able to do any strong magic here.

Unknown to him he was approaching his escort, the escort didn't know the job that had been placed on him as well. (Kirbymaster212 mind if your the escort?)
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Birth of a High Elf 
10:39pm 15/12/2004
  Name: Vindarten Raycaller
Race: Nightelf => Highelf
Age: 19
Magical?: yes
Faction: Scourge
Good/Bad: Good (But bad from the alliance's POV)
Weapon(s): Two-Handed longsword
Skills other than fighting: Illusionist, Fire Caller
Rank: High Lord
Type of Warrior: War-Wizard
Starting Location: Some where in Tristal Glades...
Biography: Born a Night Elf, but unlike his brethren had no care for being a protector of wilds. At a young age he witnessed Cenarious being murdered and praiseed the Chaos Orcs for doing so. Soon after he saw the Chaos orcs be cleansed of their thrist for blood and war, but his still burned strong. He knew the only way to free himself from his race was to become what his brethren hated, a Blood Elf. Seeking out the prince Kael he obtained a rune that would make his dreams come true...

Vindarten had finally found what he had been looking for, the last Dreadlords bones. He learned from Kael that it took many years to turn a Night Elf to High Elf but using a rune created from a piece of the Sunwell he could do it in a matter of hours. Learning from various Libarians he found out that Arthas and the Banshee Queen had killed a few Dreadlords in their conquests. Their bones were necessary for his transformation. Vindarten had no plan for joining Kael but the information he receaved from his deceaved "Allie" was invaluable. Now that he had the bones of three Dreadlords he could go to his next destination, Icecrown.

Vindartens plan from the begining was to join the Scourge but retain his humanity. He had learned from his stolen records that Arthas, although his betraying, was a understanding person in his life and may still listen to Vindarten's case.

"Now to see if Arthas will listen to me..." Using his advanced Illusion powers Vindarten was able to create semi real objects including his mode of transportation, Wings, creating the shimmering wings Vindarten took to the air starting the long slow flight to Ice Crown.
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10:12pm 15/12/2004
  OCC:Ok Ive decided to check this out... I hope I dont screw something up by just joining in the middle... sorry if I do... so I guess I shall start now O.o;;

Name: Nubek'Norus, his "nickname" to his fellow undead Nerubians is Rag'narak (get it... its a pun... I think O.o;;)
Race: Undead Nerubian
Age: 112
Magical?: no
Faction: Bad
Weapon(s): Undead Scourge
Skills other than fighting: Leadership, Commanding
Rank: Was a King in his days as a Nerubian but has been lowered in rank in the Undead army as a general controlling a division of Crypt fiends
Type of Warrior: Cryptlord
Biography: After the slaughter of most of his people he was forced to join the Scourge along with the remains of the nerubians he ruled. His quick thinking in strategic combat and leadership proved helpful and he was quickly giving his own Crypt Fiend division to rule over...

He has not yet totally under control of the Lich King. His thoughts at times stray away from his battling and praise for the Scourge and goes back to when he was a Nerubain ruler and his people were happy. The Lich King fights for his mind every day and will soon conrtol it all.
Starting Location: An undead base near the site of the battle of Arthas and Illidan


Undead Messenger: Arthas has won the battle... the Lich King shall soon be free and rule us once again!

Undead Army at Base: *cheers*

Nubek: (in his head) Is this really for the better. Or are we on a path to slaughtering helpless living creatures again... just like the people of my homeland of-

Lich King: (telepathically in the head of Nubek'Norus) You are mine now, and you shall do what I choose for you to do...

Nubek: (still in his head) no... I cant... forget... my people... and...Nerub... *his mind goes black* (speaking outloud) Let us serve the Lich King!

(OCC: thats all I have time for now... sorry... I hope I didnt screw up)
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New Web Site! 
02:17pm 10/10/2004
mood: cheerful
Hey people, i just wanted to post this link to my site which i have been making over the past few days. I really would like it to get some members and begin a decent community. Nothing is needed except your love for Blizzard games! It's all free and done by me and passing the link around or joining would mean a great deal to me.
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08:25am 23/08/2004
  IC: As Izual spoke with the Crypt Lord, Ebonchill heard someone's voice down the tunnel. He remembered that someone else had been sent to help them. He turned, went to the opening in the cave, and shouted in, magically amplifying his voice.

Ebonchill: Whoever you are, STAY WHERE YOU ARE!!!! These traps will only get you if you're coming out, not in! STAY OUT OF HERE!

IC: And with that, Ebonchill readied a Frost Nova, waiting in case whoever had called wasn't friendly. Then he suddenly had an idea.

Ebonchill (not amplified anymore): Banshees! I knew it was a good idea to bring them! They can cast anti-magic shell on us and we can get out safely! Don't know about him, though...
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02:39pm 22/08/2004
  Name: Lord Darin Fleshrender
Magical?: Yes
Faction: Undead Scourge
Good/Bad: Bad (insidious...)
Weapon(s): Vampiric Runeblade
Skills: Strategy, Leadership, Diplomacy, & Horse-Riding
Rank: General
Type of Warrior: Death Knight
Biography: When Darin had risen as one of the Death Knights, he was generally disoriented and confused, but after meeting up with another Death Knight, he became resolved to serve his master, the Lich King. As Arthas led the Undead Scourge into Lordaeron, Darin was one of the few remaining few in order to protect the Lich King. Keeping his vigil, he fought at Arthas' side when Illidan and his forces came to take Icecrown and the Frozen Throne. Darin gave his life to hold off Illidan's soldiers so Arthas could get into the Throne. When he and the Lich King became one, darin was ressurected to fight for the glory of the Lich King once again. Now, he has been sent to a base in order to reinforce their numbers, alonmg with the troops he brought with him; the Lich king had ordered him to help out two other people, a Lich and a wizard.
Starting Location: In the Undead Base

It was cloudy as Darin rode his undead steed into the base, and after being questioned by the undead soldiers there, he ordered the troops with him to reinforce the guards and secure the base. After getting his report, Darin then ordered a nearby ghoul to tell him where were the Lich and the wizard in command.

"...cavern...close by here..." the ghoul said matter-of-factly.

"Thank you, now get your rotten butt over there!" Darin turned to one of the necromancers with him "I'm giving you command of this base while I go to find the two men."

"Yes sir."

Darin then took off at high speed, galloping to search for the cavern. Shortly after, or so it seemed to the Death Knight, he reached a cavern and descended into its depths.

"Hello? Izual! Ebonchill! Where in the hell are you?!" The Death Knight shouted out as he marched deeper into the cavern, bypassing traps and holding his sword out first in case of enemies.

(OOC: Hope I did alright)
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Wary descent 
10:16am 31/07/2004
  IC: As Ebonchill, Izual, and the two banshees descended, following a ways behind the shade, they felt the cavern get warmer and more humid as they went. Despite Arthas' instructions, they found no traps, which worried them. But they trusted the shade's judgment - they had to. Eventually they came to a large chamber with a big hole in the far side.

Ebonchill: What's he called again?

Izual: Arthas didn't say.

Shade: I'll go ask him.

IC: And so the slightly moronic shade floated into the hole, and asked the big spider-beetle thing he found what its name was. Using its voice to pinpoint its location, the Crypt Lord slashed it into little bits and climbed out. Savage and destructive he may have been, but he was not stupid. He saw the ex-bloodmage and the lich waiting for him, and hid back aways, content to speak with them from there.

Crypt lord: What do you want?

Ebonchill: We need your help in the battle against the orcish horde.

Crypt lord: I would love to, if I could. But there are massive amounts of traps here, and there's no way out.

Ebonchill: But we got in with no problem.

Crypt lord: They aren't to keep you out, they're to keep me in. During the Scourge's brief foray into Kalimdor a few years back, I was trapped in here by the nightelven druids and orc shamans, and they made sure I couldn't get out to cause more damage. The traps are only triggered by someone coming out, not by someone coming in, and can only be gotten around if a druid or shaman removes them from here.

OC: Your turn, Izual.
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ready to roll 
09:52pm 25/07/2004
  Ebonchill looked down at the entrance, thinking.

Ebonchill: Well, there's no reason for us to have to go alone...

Ebonchill grabbed a passing acolyte by the earlobe.

Ebonchill: Come here! I've got a job for you!

He threw the acolyte into the nearby Sacrificial Pit, then grabbed another by the collar.

Ebonchill: Get me a Banshee. Got that?

Acolytes look forward to death, but they know how long Banshees can torture someone before they die. As the terrified acolyte ran off to find one, a Shade came up out of the Sacrificial Pit. Just moments after Ebonchill instructed him to follow them, two Banshees came out of the Temple of the Damned.

Ebonchill: I told him one...oh well. Anyways, Izual. The shade sniffs out upcoming traps. So between your magic, my magic, the Banshee's magic, and knowledge of what's to come, we'll find that big bug in no time whatsoever. Off we go then!
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05:47pm 25/07/2004
  Izual: very well, we need to awaken the Crypt Lord, his been asleep in some local ruins gaurded by traps and such. Its all here in Arthas instraucations... Read it..

--- Arthas Letter ---
Izual, i have much need for you to start on the invastion.. I myself am going to Icecrown, and claiming the frozen throne nothing will stop me... Getting to the next point, when you start your invastion their is a very strong Crypt Lord in the ruins of gul'ah, witch should be farley close to your base set up. He should be of great help, his power if beyond the normal warrior.. But be aware of the traps in the ruins.. Do not fail me.. You fail me and i shall make sure it be your last.

Izual: You shall come with me, this base has enough defences to hold its own, we need to get that crypt lord if we are going to do this..

IC: Izual walks outside and looks around to see if he can spot these so called ruins.. just then a tree fell from a lumber collecting ghoul revialing the entrance.. This was no doubt a sign from the gods..
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